Fullerton Mortgage - Fullerton Market Update

By Chris Johnstone Mortgage

As Fullerton mortgage professionals, we are proud to not only serve our clients in the local Fullerton and Placentia areas but throughout Orange County.

In the most recent market report released by the California Association of Realtors, the sales prices of homes have remained fairly consistent with much larger increases in the volume of sales.

The average price of Orange County homes that sold in May of this year was recorded at $795,000. This price came in at less than 3% higher than the month before, and less than 9% higher than the May of last year. This stability between the three average prices of $795,000, $775,000, and $731,750 is a great indicator of a healthy real estate market.

Many buyers are taking advantage of these prices, that have not risen much over the last year, which has led to a serious increase in the number of homes that have sold recently. In fact, the sales volume for Orange County in May of 2017 was an astounding 22.6% higher than the April of 2017.

This was this largest increase in sales volume across all Southern California counties, with the exception of Los Angeles, who’s sales volume increased by 24.9% month over month.

If you are considering the purchase of a home in Orange County, now is the time to act! Your first step should be to call a professional that you trust in your local area to get your mortgage process started before you even begin looking for houses.

In addition to providing mortgage options for home purchases, we are also experts in refinancing! Call the Matthew Campbell Mortgage Team today to get pre-approved for your Fullerton mortgage or to take advantage of rates that could be better than what you are currently paying and you could be well on your way towards achieving the American Dream.


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